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  • Trending: Protein-Free Shampoo, Metallic Lips and Styling Strips

Trending: Protein-Free Shampoo, Metallic Lips and Styling Strips - Bonne News

Spate has launched its most recent consumer report on the trending products in the United States.

Consumers were previously interested in biotin shampoos, but now interest in protein-free shampoos has increased by 62.5% since last year. Protein-free products are known to be good for wavy hair, and as consumers learn more about their hair type, there is a new demand for products that address specific hair textures and offer more versatility.

In addition, interest in metallic lipsticks increased by 96.1% compared to last year, and consumers are in high demand for metallic lipsticks in liquid and cream forms with a matte finish. Available in rose, copper, blue, gold and more, metallic lipsticks will attract consumers with bold colors and long-lasting wear.

Finally, interest in styling strips increased by 71.4% compared to last year. Although not in high demand compared to other hair tools and accessories, they are gaining interest as their use at home increases.

Spate recommends offering complimentary products such as gel, foam and pomade that help maintain these styles and provide tutorials for achieving the best results.


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