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  • 71% of US adults consider themselves to have sensitive skin

71% of US adults consider themselves to have sensitive skin - Bonne News

Aveeno, one of the skincare specialty brands, said in its Skin Sensitivity Reporting Facts that 71% of adults in the US consider their skin to be sensitive.


This report was published in the midst of investigating the cause of sensitive skin and analyzing the correlation between the body, mind and skin. Self-love has produced such results amid the spread of 'body positivity' into mainstream culture. analyzed what caused it.


The report explained that skin diseases affect quality of life and well-being, and that skin problems can have a negative impact on individual emotions.


In addition, according to the report, various dermatitis experienced by adults has been found to affect not only social functioning but also sleep, labor productivity, leisure activities, and family relationships as obstacles in various aspects.


Aveeno said that the problem should be approached from a macroscopic perspective by considering skin sensitivity of American adults as a social phenomenon rather than recognizing it as a single skin disease.


Therefore, for these needs of adults, the significant impact of sensitive skin on life was highlighted, and it was emphasized that skin sensitivity is emerging as a social phenomenon with a great deal.


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