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  • A new trend that makes everyone beautiful - Gender Neutral

A new trend that makes everyone beautiful - Gender Neutral - Bonne News

In summary, genderless is 'destroying sex and age', which first started in the fashion industry and is recently the trend that brings about the biggest change in the beauty industry. As the gender role division disappears, freedom is widening, leading to a trend that places more importance on individuality.

In the past, most of the cosmetics market was consumed by 'women', but as the number of men who put on eyebrows and lips gradually increased, men's consumption increased and men's cosmetics also increased. Above all, there is a phenomenon that men prefer to purchase items for women's consumption as well.

In the cosmetics market, the 'Gender Neutral' brand, which offers products that can be used regardless of gender, from basics to color tones, is attracting attention. ‘Gender neutral’ is a trend that respects each individual’s taste without being confined to the frame of gender.


Korea’s first gender neutral makeup brand ‘LAKA’

Launched in 2018, Korea's first gender-neutral color cosmetics brand, Laka, is actively marketing, taking pictures with the concept of both male and female models wearing the same color lipstick.

The package is also characterized by making the product package as simple as possible in white and black to emphasize the neutral tone.

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